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Rightkil recognises the need for sustainable development and continually aims to improve the environmental effect of its activities, to achieve this we will:-

Estabilsh sound enviromental management by:- 


  • Meeting or improving up relevant legislative, regulatory and environmental codes of practice.

  • Developing objectives that target environmental improvements and monitor performance by regular reviews.

  • Considering any environmental issues in the decision-making process.

  • Developing a relationship with suppliers and contractors so that we all recognise our environmental responosibilites.

  • Educating staff so that they carry out their activities in an environmental responsible manner.


Provide for the effective use of resourses by:-


  • Promoting waste minimisation by recycling or finding other uses for by products whenever economically viable.

  • Promoting the efficient use of resourses, energy and fuel throughout the organisation's operations.


Co-operate with:-


The communities in which we operate.

The Government, regulatory bodies and other interested parties with the shared vision of being a good and trusted neighbour.

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Domestic Clients

Commercial Clients

Servicing & Contracts

Rightkil Pest Control can carry out a range of services from pest control to rubbish clearing,

cleaning & sanitising in and around your home.

We can cater for all types of commercial

properties from hotels & restaurants, to hospitals & airports, sports grounds & retail parks.



Rightkil Pest Control

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Email: info@rightkil.co.uk

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Rightkil offer regular Servicing & Contracts

to help

eliminate reoccurring potential Pest Problems.

Rightkil Pest Control 7 Days a Week Fast response with Guaranteed treatments and proofing throughout London and the South East


Rats, Mice, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Cockroaches, Moths, Wasps, Squirrels, Foxes, Woodworm, Pigeons, Ants, and much more .......


We work all over London and South East England only charging local low rates!

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