What we do 

If left unchecked, a resident mouse population can quickly get out of hand leading to Mice Infestation, with a number of serious consequences: 
Damage to the fabric of buildings, chewed wires, cables etc. 
Contamination of foodstuffs. 
The spread of disease, including Salmonella, through direct and indirect contact. 
If you have a problem, our rapid response commitment means a local technician will be with you within 24hrs to deal with your pest problem. 
All our technicians are trained and experienced mice pest control and undergo continual professional development ensuring you are in safe hands when employing our services.  
Alternatively instead of using Mice Poison (rodenticide) or relying on Mice Traps we specialise in Mice Proofing which comes with a 1-Year Guarantee! Click Here For info 
No Fussing About! 
Fixed Price 
Rapid Response! 
We Guarantee to get results. 
Ask about our Guaranteed Proofing Solution! 
Cheaper than most Pest Control Companies. 

Unlike other Pest Control companies 

Rightkil will only charge you "One Fee Only", all work is Guaranteed; so with complete peace of mind you'll have nothing more to pay or worry about. 
Rightkil Pest & Property Care have 20 years expertise behind them. 
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