What we do 

In the U. K. alone there are approximately 2400 species of moth recorded; however the most common moth that are classed as pest at home or in your work place either causing damage to your wooled carpets, rugs, clothing and food stuff are the following:- 
Common Clothes Moth. 
Case-bearing Clothes Moths. 
Brown House Moths. 
White-Shouldered House Moths. 
Warehouse Moths. 
We will carry out a detailed treatment depending on what type of moth we are dealing with followed by a 2-Month Guarantee
No Fussing About! 
Fixed Price 
Rapid Response! 
We Guarantee to get results 
Re-Treats are 'Free of Charge'! 
Cheaper than most Pest Control Companies. 

Unlike other Pest Control companies 

Rightkil will only charge you "One Fee Only", all work is Guaranteed; so with complete peace of mind you'll nothing more to pay or worry about. 
Rightkil Pest & Property Care have 20 years expertise behind them. 
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