Bird Proofing Work 

Pigeon Netting Services 
This method comsists of nylon netting, fixed to a wire rope frame that is pre-tensioned. The result is net that all bird types can’t pass through. Birds also find the net very unpleasant for them to land or perch on. Nets are fixed to the ground using a multitude of methods, with masonry bolts and clamp systems mostly commonly used. Sometimes further support structures might need constructing for additional wiring. All components and fittings are either stainless steel or galvanised for guaranteed long life. 
Bird and pigeon netting is very effective in preventing access to recesses, alcoves and balconies which are usually hard to protect effectively using other methods. The bird netting is inconspicuous when viewed from a head on angle. 
Bird Proofing - Spikes 
Bird Spikes are steel or projections, providing excellent bird proofing by making surfaces hard or unpleasant to land on, therefore preventing roosting. Usually made from a plastic basing, they comprise of metal spikes that stick outwards and upwards. Bird spikes are attached to a building, being glued to a surface or fixed directly by nails or screws. Bird and pigeon spikes come in a variety of sizes and strengths for a range of bird types. Rightkil can give advice on which system is suitable in your situation. 
This method provides extremely effective bird proofing and protection. Bird and pigeon spikess are usually easily seen from a ground level. At Rightkil Pest Control we are conscious of this and so install bird spikes in an inconspicuous and clean style which lessens the aesthetic look significantly. Being extremely flexible they are perfect for uneven and irregular areas, and areas where other bird deterrent systems are not possible. 
Pigeon Fouling Removal & Cleaning 
If birds enter buildings and go unnoticed, large amounts of fouling and associated waste can build up. Heavy infestations on external areas of buildings create large amounts of fouling and make buildings look unsightly. The fouling is also very acidic and causes damage to the fabric of buildings, which in turn leads to higher cleaning and repair bills. 
Our team will decontaminate and treat fouling with insecticide and biocide prior to removal, thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission. This work is normally completed prior to installing bird proofing to the areas of infestation. 

Two Year Guarantee 

We issue a 'Two Year Guarantee', should you have any problems during the guarantee period, we will come our free of charge until the problem is solved. 
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